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Trudy Andes Campbell 

Winfield Kansas

Trudy Andes Campbell - Ambassador to the Troops - Her Life has been like a (usually exciting) Roller Coaster Ride

Ambassador to the Troops Trudy Andes Campbell - Biography

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Trudy Andes on the Ranch

Trudy Andes Campbell grew up on a ranch on the Kansas Oklahoma State line. Her father was the late Gary L Andes: farmer, rancher, and oilman. Her mother was a Real Estate broker and grew up in the land and oil business.

Trudy spent her early years as a typical rancher's daughter, riding and breaking horses, working cattle, and checking pastures and oil wells. 

At the age of 11, Trudy's father, Gary died in a wheat truck wreck.

The family laid Gary to rest at the family ranch. Trudy continued to carry on the Andes family tradition through the sport of rodeo. Her grandfather, Chester Andes was a world champion Calf Roper.
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Trudy Andes
Trudy's passion from the time she was a child was fast horses. The sorrel gelding that she rode when running barrels was a former racehorse named Gambler. This magnificent horse took Trudy to 12 consecutive wins, before she retired him to the ranch, where he could live out the rest of his life. Gambler was Trudy's loyal companion grazing about the meadows and pastures in his horse retirement.
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Trudy Andes' Truck Accident - Age 12

Six months after the June 24th accident where Trudy's father was killed in wheat truck wreck, she and her brother Todd were involved in an unrelated rollover accident. It was late at night while they were driving back from checking on cattle, at one of the family’s pastures. Trudy was twelve years old and her brother Todd was seventeen.

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Trudy Andes Top 50 Girls Then Homecoming Queen
In high School Trudy was voted as Winfield High School Winter Sports Homecoming Queen and went on to win Miss Teenage Kansas, where she represented the state of Kansas at the Miss Teenage America Pageant in Florida. The other contestants voted her the title of "Miss Congeniality". Her acceptance speech, hit newspapers around the world, when she screamed across the stage to the audience, "Well ladies, who needs to be beautiful if you are fun and fearless!” This drew a standing ovation.
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Trudy Andes Campbell Homecoming Queen and Her Court
Photographers, reporters, and front-page headline stories became a part of her life. Trudy later stated, “I really don't feel like I was that interesting of a person, where people would be writing about me. I hope that my story was amusing, entertaining, and will be a learning experience for others. I had to learn to harness this wild and reckless rebel within me. I learned that I could not live on the edge or tempt fate so much, but I could always be kind to others and live life to the fullest.”
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Trudy Andes Homecoming Queen
Trudy Andes went on to work as a professional model. Trudy then started her own modeling school and agency where she employed instructors to train models whom she placed in modeling jobs. These models were doing print, TV, runway, and commercials. Trudy Andes Campbell eventually sold her modeling agency and retired to the ranch to raise her sons Garrett and Westin with their father. During the next eleven years, Trudy raised racehorses. Her mare herd grew to over 300 mares in the beautiful lush green pastures of Flint Hills Kansas.

Trudy met Donald Shearer "Chief Trial Deputy District Attorney of Santa Clara County CA and the two began a lifelong friendship. They traveled the world together. Trudy ended up in the Principality of Monaco, where the country girl fell in love with the tiny mystical Principality but missed the lush green pastures of the ranch in Kansas.

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However, the teal blue waters of the Riviera in the little principality made famous by the late American actress Grace Kelly, known to the world as Princess Grace of Monaco and the mother of the future prince "Albert Grimaldi". The Principality was wonderful! The people were very gracious and welcoming, Trudy stayed in Europe, where she studied design and began her career as a singer. Donald Shearer often referred to her as the "Prairie Princess". She met with heads of state throughout Europe, to discuss American causes, and bring her perspective and awareness to the "Red Cross".

While in the south of France, Trudy signed a contract with Lucca Onassis to release a Music CD. She then began performing in Europe, where she was drawn to the American men and women of the armed forces. Trudy Andes dedicated much of her time to humanitarian causes. She moved from a ranch in Kansas to the palaces of Europe. This story inspired writer Richard Cox to write a book about her life story.
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Travis Campbell, Trudy Andes Campbell, and Glen Campbell

One day, while flying back to the United States to spend time at the ranch in Kansas, Trudy met her future husband William Travis Campbell. Travis' mother was the late Billie Jean Campbell. His father was country music singer Glen Campbell. Travis grew up in Hollywood, was educated in Switzerland, and spoke fluent French. Trudy Andes and Travis Campbell soon married. Trudy left the French Riviera to return with her new husband back to her roots: the ranch in Kansas. This time it would be with her husband drummer and record producer William Travis Campbell.

William produced Trudy Andes' Campbell's World tour (live) CD. While at the ranch Judy Showalter, United States Senator asked that Trudy write a song for those who suffered after "911". The event where Trudy would sing the song would be at a candle light service for the friends and family of the loved ones of 911. She wrote the words to the song "Friends Prayer". The Veterans of Foreign Wars declared that the song be The Official International Anthem. She dedicated the song to The President of the United States, George W. Bush.

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President George W Bush

Thousands of veterans and service members joined to honor Trudy Andes Campbell and her humanitarian contributions to mankind. By this time in her life, Trudy Andes Campbell had performed at more than 1,300 funeral and memorial services.

Trudy Andes Campbell performed the National Anthem at more than 870 racetracks, baseball games, foot ball games, rodeos, political events, and veterans' affairs.

The International Banking Commission, in Russia asked the Ambassador to speak. She would also be joining the State Commander of the Department of Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars "John Fair” in hosting the FDIC Banking Convention in Dallas TX.


The Ambassador would also perform and participate in Las Vegas NV public appearances where the unveiling of Sammy Davis Jr. Star on the "Vegas Walk of Stars" would occur 

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VFW - Texas

During Trudy Andes Campbell official celebration, thousands of veterans from across the United States gathered. The State Commander of the Department of Kansas introduced Trudy Andes Campbell as "That United States Ambassador to the Troops, Trudy Andes Campbell" was a great asset to the United States Armed Forces". 

He went on to say that, he was honored to be the State Commander presenting Ms. Campbell with a Bronze Plaque. At the same event, Mr. Larry Graham went on to say that Ambassador Campbell, has traveled around the United States to visit Veterans and their loved ones in times of need, where she held the hands of mothers and fathers who lost their Service Member sons and daughters.

Trudy Campbell comforted the lonely soldiers in hospitals when their families could not be by their side. She hugged and held dying men and assured them that they were loved and not alone. She delivered the messages of the soldiers last dying words back to their families insuring them their loved ones did not die alone.

Deputy Sheriff Duke Burton, at the closing of the formalities said, “That my friends is what an Ambassador does. She gives strength and courage to the weak and frail. She gives love and hope to those with none. However, most of all Trudy Andes Campbell gives unselfishly to her fellow men. It is with great honor that I present this award To Trudy Andes Campbell.”

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President Gerald Ford

Sometime later, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger with the California Republican party called Trudy Andes Campbell. He asked her to sing the National Anthem. A short time later, the coordinators of an upcoming event asked Trudy to headline for Former President of the United States Gerald Ford's "Welcome Home for the Troops" concert in Palm Desert California. The event honored and raised funds for the men and women serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

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Jim Lubey

During the event in Palm Desert, Trudy met James (Jim) Lubey: Executive Director of the National Guard Association of California. Mr. Lubey then met the Ambassador in Kansas to discuss whether she would entertain working with him and the National Guard Association of California. Trudy and Jim came to an agreement and formed a partnership.

The Ambassador wants to help improve the wellness of our National Guard members throughout the United States, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. To aid with this effort, Trudy Andes Campbell kicked off the National Guard Association of California’s Golf Tournament in Sacramento California.


Jim produced and released Trudy Andes Campbell third CD: Dedicated to the United States Troops. The project included a CD and featured videos of United States Armed Forces and their families.

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Trudy Andes Campbell

Just like another famous Kansan: Dwight D. Eisenhower, Trudy Andes Campbell has traveled around the world, from the Palaces of Europe to the cowboys' campfires in Kansas. Trudy Andes is one American from Kansas that has not lost sight of her roots and always remembers the sacrifices that the men and women who defend the freedoms that God provides and the United States of America promotes.

Besides being, the United States Ambassador, Trudy Andes Campbell is:

  • President of the Miss Teenage America Pageant

  • Co/Owner of Andes Land Cattle and Oil

  • Co/Owner Glen Campbell Music

  • Co/Owner and Business Partner with Calvin L Watts II
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Trudy Andes Ambassador to the Troops