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Trudy Andes Campbell 

Winfield Kansas

Trudy Andes Campbell - Ambassador to the Troops - Life IS like a Bowl of Cherries.

Trudy: Biography 

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Trudy Andes Accident

Six months after Trudy’s father Gary Andes was killed, at 12 years old, Trudy wrecked this Chevy truck after driving to the Henderson ranch with her older brother Todd to check cattle. 

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President G W Bush

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Trudy Andes with Calvin L Watts II

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Trudy Andes being driven in a parade by Calvin L Watts II and Westin Montgomery Champlin

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Trudy Andes Modeling School Brochure
Trudy Andes Campbell is featured here in one of the original 1988 Trudy Andes Modeling Agency brochures
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Connie and Trudy Andes
Trudy Andes starting modeling school in 1984. This was an awful experience for the tomboy to go from being comfortable in jeans and boots on the ranch to wearing dresses and heels.
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President Ford

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Trudy Andes - Ambassador to the Troops